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Jeff Clarke off Papua New Guinea January

Jeff Clarke

I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated with the natural world. Like many naturalists I started out primarily as a birdwatcher but soon evolved to become captivated by pretty much anything that moved.

My working life has included many years as a Countryside Ranger covering various locations in North-West England. Later, I ran a series of pioneering natural history based projects as the Wildspace Officer for Halton Borough Council, and since 2009 I have been a self-employed ecologist and environmental educator. One of my passions is to pass on a knowledge and understanding of the natural environment, to this end I run lots of wildlife identification courses, including my long-running project 'Birdcraft'. I am currently Co-Director of Anser Ecology Limited. I genuinely enjoy public speaking and cover a wide range of natural history topics. I benefit from being an approved speaker of the RSPB and started lecturing on cruise liners in 2015. I'm currently signed to the Peel Talent agency and this has given me access to some of the prime locations on the planet, both marine and terrestrial, for observing and enjoying the wonders of the natural world.
My two great natural history ambitions are firstly, to see all of the whale and dolphin species on the planet, an endeavour I'm unlikely to achieve, thanks to all those pesky beaked-whales that rarely ever show themselves, and secondly, to see all the albatross species, which is distinctly possible.
While aboard, I'll often be seen carrying my cameras as I attempt to capture some of the amazing wildlife that pass the ship’s bow. When I don't have my eye glued to the viewfinder I'll invariably be talking about, or showing the passengers the birds, dolphins and other marine life that they are encountering on their voyage.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @birderjeff & @anserecology or visit his website to read his blogs

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