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David Chilcott

I was lucky enough to be born with the passion for nature. Growing up the passion became a hindrance as I would shout out sightings in the middle of lessons.


I became a very keen birdwatcher and belonged to the Young Ornithologist Club and would spend every day birdwatching and learning more about natural world. 

Around twenty five years ago I had my first close up contact with dolphins at Chanonry Point in Scotland and was besotted, blown away and totally gobsmacked by these fascinating creatures. For the first time in my life, birds became less important. I now wanted to know more about dolphins. At this time lots of birdwatchers were reporting whale sightings from the ferries....

I met a wildlife team onboard a P & O ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao and loved their passion and hung on to every word they said and became totally addicted to spotting dolphins and whales. I cant remember how many trips I did, but probably around 30 to 40 across Biscay. But I wanted many more species so the cruise life began. 


I joined Marinelife and Orca carrying out surveys around the UK. I was also part of a wildlife team on two cruises and in Cornwall where I live I have been a spotter on local dolphin spotting boats.

I have been pointing out wildlife from cruise ships for around 14 years now and have been lucky enough to travel the world. I started giving lectures on ships around 6 years ago and regularly get to carry out duties for cruise lines, where I love to meet other passengers and infuse them with the natural world.

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